Customer Experience

We try our best to make sure customer fill wow with customer experience

  • Pre Sales

    When you make an inquiry, our team will contact you and explain everything about Semsto and our sales, onboarding, and support processes. .

  • Onboarding

    Our team will understand your current process and assist you in onboarding and knowing each and every feature of semsto.

  • Support

    We will offer you support in accordance with your chosen plan and will always be available to you. You can also submit a support request, and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

  • Journey

    We will make sure that your journey to Semsto is efficient and adds significant value to your company. We will continue to add new features and improve existing ones to enable you to complete your operations quickly and effectively.

  • Personalize connection

    Our representative will contact you on a monthly basis to learn about your experience with Semsto and to request additional suggestions for how to improve Semsto.

  • Survey

    We will also contact you on a regular basis to conduct a survey in order to gather more information about Semsto's improvement.

Customer Stories That Inspire

Customer who enjoy their journey with us

VK Sales

Meet VK Sales, a company that sells a variety of products through their brick-and-mortar stores. They had a challenge in providing a consistent and knowledgeable shopping experience to their customers, as their sales associates didn't have the tools they needed to effectively serve clients.

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Quality Clothing

As a business owner of Quality Clothing, I needed an effective tool to manage my finances and keep track of my customers' feedback. I found the perfect solution in Smart Sales.

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Sk Sarees

Meet SK Saree, a company that specializes in selling traditional Indian sarees. They wanted to expand their business and reach more customers online, but didn't know where to start. That's where Smart Sales came in.

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